Top 10 Online Degrees

By going back to school to earn one of the top 10 online degrees, students can secure their place in careers that are in demand today and have a positive job outlook for the future. We live in an age where everything is online, and for many students that includes college courses. Online universities are now accredited and respected, and there are many reputable degree programs that busy working students can choose from. The following list of the top 10 online degrees includes those that are most useful and in the highest demand today:

1. Accounting: These online programs prepare students who want to pursue careers in the financial departments of businesses and organizations.

2. Aviation: Although the actual flight training must obviously be done in person, there are accredited colleges and universities that offer their aviation coursework online.

3. Business: There is room in this field for so many careers, with specialized choices that help students begin the business and management careers of their dreams.

4. Criminal Justice: These degree programs offer education and instruction in the issues, topics and trends affecting areas of crime, law and punishment.

5. Hospitality and Food Service Management: For those who want to begin careers in the hospitality and food service industries, these degrees provide the confidence and skills necessary for success.

6. Human Resource Management: This type of degree is meant to impart the tools to handle all sorts of human resource tasks that are required in this field.

7. Master of Business Administration: Many bachelor’s degree holders return to school online to get their MBA and prepare for a higher level career in business management.

8. Nursing: There are different specialized programs that train students to perform administrative and clinical tasks in outpatient settings.

9. Pharmacy Technician: After attaining this online degree, graduates can provide healthcare products and medication to patients at pharmacies.

10. Teaching: There are all levels of teaching degree and certification programs online for practicing K-12 teachers that want to get certified or continue their own education.

These are just the top 10 online degrees. There are many other programs to choose from for students of all levels.

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