Does Industry Look Down On Online Degrees

In an age where everything is on the Internet, one has to wonder, �Does industry look down on online degrees?� There are numerous advertisements for different online schools for everything from high school diplomas to computer science certifications to nursing degrees to master’s degrees and PhDs in a number of fields. In the early days there seemed to be a stigma about a degree that was obtained from an online distance learning institution rather than a traditional university. But does this still hold true today?

The fact is that while the tides are turning and online degrees are becoming much more respectable, there are still some misconceptions about this style of education. In some industries, online degrees are more acceptable and in other fields, employers are looking for a traditional campus-based education. Some professional careers, such as software engineers and graphic designers, go hand-in-hand with online learning because of the nature of the work. Other careers, such as medical and educational careers, require a certain level of hands-on experience, and employers may expect that job applicants have spent a certain amount of time in the classroom.

One of the most popular reasons to get an online degree is to augment one’s current education, in which case this style of learning is ideal. If someone wants to go back to school for a Master of Business Administration to qualify for more prestigious jobs within their organization or complete additional computer science and information technology certifications, for example, their employer may support the idea of an online degree program. It is an excellent choice for someone who’s already working full time and wants the extra education to take their career to the next level. For degrees in subjects like nursing and teaching, however, a combination of online classes and campus-based education might be a better option.

The tides are definitely turning, and industries are looking at online degrees in a different light. There are still some misconceptions, but as long as you choose an accredited program and excel at what you do there’s no reason you can’t get the career you want by studying online.

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