How To Buy Renewable Energy Certificates

Supporting clean, green renewable energy production and encouraging the growth of more renewable energy resources like wind energy, solar power and multiple other renewable resources is the mission of Zero Carbon Alliance. ZCA shows you how easy it is to buy renewable energy certificates even if you are just a single household. We are all concerned with the rising cost of energy, driven higher every day by foreign oil dependency. We are also concerned with the toxic environmental changes caused by fossil fuel use. Encouraging the growth of renewable energy development and being responsible for ones own carbon footprint is our duty as Americans. Visit the ZCA website and learn about the EPA’s renewable energy certificate program then join ZCA and step up to really making a difference in the way we use and create energy. Zero Carbon Alliance has a business model through which we can purchase individual REC’s, renewable energy certificates also known as carbon offsets affordably, This same business model gives us the opportunity to grown our own business in selling REC’s to our friends and families. Simply buy your own carbon offset (REC) and then tell others they can do the same! Everyone wins. Your dollars do to supporting independent renewable energy developers like wind farms and solar energy farms to name just two. The development of renewable energy resources is an excellent way to clean up our environment, preserve our resources for our children’s children and make a BIG difference in our world at large. There are only THREE ways to reduce to use of toxic fossil fuels in America:
1. Dramatically change the way we live: drive less, use less electricity and purchase Hybrid cars, 2. Invest thousands of dollars in alternative energy options for our homes and businesses: Solar panels, Windmills etc, and 3. Offset our individual carbon footprints by buying Carbon Offsets or Renewable Energy Certificates.
Buying REC’s is simple, Cheap and very effective.

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