An Honest Evaluation Of The Value Of Retirement Certificates

Retirement assets in this country are expected to surpass $20 trillion within the next half dozen years. While the economy remains uncertain, waves of baby boomers prepare to retire. These retirees need someone who can provide ethical and expert advice.

As economic changes pressure companies to tighten budgets, job availability declines while competition increases. A retirement specialist certificate gives you a competitive edge. There are two leaders in retirement certificates for those in the financial services industry. Both educational providers have been around for over 20 years and each offers a different approach as a retirement institute. One has roots in insurance while the other gained prominence in the areas of mutual funds and annuities.

Designations The Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL) designation takes an average of 18 months to complete and is divided into five parts (and five tests):

[1] Understanding the Older Client
[2] Health and Long-Term Care Financing
[3] Fundamentals of Estate Planning
[4] Investments
[5] Financial Decisions for Retirement

The Certified Income Specialist (CIS) designation takes an average of five months to complete and is comprised of five parts (and three tests plus a case study):

[1] Asset Planning and Investment Techniques
[2] Income Risk Management
[3] Insured Solutions
[4] Tax Considerations
[5] Portfolio Tools

Development By going through a retirement certificate program, you will increase your technical acuity and effectiveness by learning how to seamlessly navigate through established as well as cutting-edge strategies. Understanding investor psychology helps to improve relationships and improve your service to clients. Both of thee retirement institutes provide networking so you can interact with other professionals who can answer your questions and show you what has worked for them.

The trend toward retirement certification has been amplified by a number of states that now impose special training requirements for those seeking certification in retirement or working with seniors. The retirement industry will grow immensely over the next decade and you can be prepared to serve our business and our retirees by achieving retirement certificates from a retirement institute. Choosing the best retirement institute can be a difficult task, but there are absolutely leaders in the field. Retirement certificates can be an integral part in growing your retirement business.

Out of the many retirement designations that are offered, pick the ones that apply the most to your own business. Consider where you are now, and where you want to be in the coming years. Use your certificates to advance your career and take your business to the next level.

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