Zoology Colleges To Pursue The Career As Zoologist

Zoology colleges and schools offer degree programs to set career in the diverse field of animal biology and wildlife. Through their two-year degree programs to doctoral degrees, the zoology colleges are dedicated to impart comprehensive animal study skills. Learn about the zoology institutes in the country and their style of educating.

Zoology is a vast field, broadly classified into conservation and biodiversity, cell and molecular biology, ecology, evolution and animal behavior and pre-veterinarian fields. The colleges offering degree programs in zoology teach students about the research in various fields, including environmental study, wildlife management, animal genetics, ecosystem adaptation, social interactions of animals and so on.

The following discussion provides important information on the US colleges offering education in zoology.

Where Are Zoology Degrees Found?

The degrees in the field of zoology can be found with various departments of the colleges and universities. For example, the science and veterinary departments of various institutes offer zoology degrees. However, there are many zoology colleges that offer specialized degree programs in this field.

Methods of Teaching

The zoology colleges make use of a number of ways to help the students specialize in specific fields of zoology. Here are some of the teaching practices followed at these colleges:

Collection and observation of data

Lab experiments and forming habit to work in the lab environment

Research work and preparation of thesis and reports

Independent investigations and critical analysis


Top Zoology Colleges

The following list contains the names of some of the reputed colleges in the United States that offer zoology degrees:

Michigan State University : Three graduate level programs are available in the field of zoology.

University of Wisconsin : The graduate zoology degree programs offered by the university prepare students in various branches of biology.

University of Arizona : Programs in biological sciences, like animal physiology and entomology are available.

The Oklahoma State University , the North Carolina State University , the University of Georgia and the Kansas State University also have zoological colleges offering degree programs in various fields of zoology.

The zoology colleges prepare students in the vast field of animal biological sciences, so that thy can find the right career opportunities available.

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