Where To Get An Accredited Online Bachelor Degree

For a long time now, the “traditional” institutions of higher learning have had unique approaches to teaching. They have also varied by size, student composition, and faculty specialties. Similar diversity is now found among institutions who offer accredited online bachelor degrees. The providers of virtual classrooms call themselves different things.

Sometimes institutions offering an accredited online bachelor degree program will call itself a university. For example, Liberty University and Kaplan University are online schools designated as universities. Other times, the educational institution will be labeled an “Institute.” The ITT Technical Institute is one example.

ITT Technical Institute is one of several providers of online education that specialize in technical skills. De Vry is another one who also offers an accredited online bachelor degree. De Vry has two main divisions, one for students with residence in the United States, and one for students who live outside the USA.

ITT Technical Institute has a long and distinguished history of providing technical courses to students who would prefer getting their education online or at local educational centers, rather than attending a four year college and having to take a list of prescribed courses. ITT is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where it has administrative offices, and from there it directs its accredited online bachelor degree program.

ITT is actually a “hybrid” institution, meaning students have the opportunity if they choose, to attend classes in person, as well as take online classes. Many students like that, because it gives them the chance to participate in campus life. ITT has student oriented clubs for people who are interested in technical areas like computers or radios. These can be great networking opportunities for the students in the future.

If you are looking into an accredited online bachelor degree program, be sure to do your homework. It is generally better to go with one of the big name institutions than to try an unknown school you found online. There are scams out there which will take your money and may even send you a paper certificate, but they are not licensed and registered, nor are they accredited with the appropriate institutions.

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