What To Expect From A Bachelor Of Business Administration Program In Columbus, Oh

A Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a popular degree because it opens up a variety of potential career paths and boosts job prospects. Although it’s hard to say exactly how much you can earn with a Bachelor of Business Administration, you can expect your salary to be higher than average because business administration majors are consistently in demand. A business administration degree may prepare you for a career in sales management, marketing, human resources, accounting or finance.

Bachelor of Business Administration programs in Columbus, OH blend business courses and general education courses with the aim of providing students with a well-rounded education. Furthermore, business administration programs develop students’ intellectual ability, leadership qualities, and managerial skills. Bachelor’s level business administration programs are designed to produce effective executives, in addition to preparing students for graduate studies in relevant fields.

Core topics that business administration majors study include organizational management, economics, accounting, business law and ethics, marketing, and information technology. Some schools in Columbus, Ohio only offer general business administration degrees, while others allow you to pursue a concentration area, such as real estate, human resources management or accounting. If you decide to pursue a concentration, you will be required to take advanced courses in that field.

Practical Experience

In addition to attending lectures and completing standard coursework, students in Bachelor of Business Administration programs gain plenty of practical experience through hands-on projects. Bachelor level business administration programs incorporate internships, presentations, and case studies to equip students with real-world skills and knowledge that come in handy in a professional environment.

Program Duration

Most students who are studying full-time take four years to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration. If you take part-time classes, it will take you longer to earn your degree.

Bachelor of Business Administration vs. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Want to know what the difference is between a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration? Generally speaking, Bachelor of Science programs require more math and science courses and are more focused. Comparatively, Bachelor of Business Administration programs are less specialized.

Bachelor of Business Administration programs in Columbus, OH provide you with knowledge of all functional areas in a business, in addition to allowing you to specialize in a specific aspect of business. You’ll likely graduate from a business administration program with strong communication skills, managerial skills, and decision-making capabilities.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, getting a bachelor’s degree in business is an absolute necessity because most companies require applicants to possess at least a Bachelor of Business Administration to qualify for entry-level positions. Interested in learning more about business schools in Columbus, OH? For more information, call CollegeQuest at 877-566-2610 to speak with one of our advisors.

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