What One Online Associate Degree Can Do For You

It was not long ago that an online associate degree was looked at as just another step towards a four-year degree. Times have changed dramatically, and now it is the online associate degree that can leap start your career in ways unheard of in the past.

Obtaining an online associate degree is something that can be done in less than 2 years time, and last a lifetime in terms of financial rewards. While a high school diploma doesn’t get much these days in terms of job placement, an online associate degree does. In fact, one can make leaps, and bounds more money with an online associate degree, than that of just earning a high school diploma.

Paralegals typically have an online associate degree, or a traditional associate’s degree, and they can earn upwards of eighty thousand dollars per year. This might seem like an exaggeration to some, but verifiably this is a fact. A close friend of mine works for a large firm, and after overtime he will make nearly eighty thousand dollars this year. Combine that large income with the fact that it is one of the most in demand jobs on the market today, and an online associate degree starts to make a lot more sense.

Computer technology is another field that pays big time for online associate degree graduates to come to work for them. The online associate degree can help one get certified in any number of areas, including support, programming, and the bustling field of network security. Another friend of mine, with an associate degree, works for a large utility company, making close to sixty five thousand dollars doing what he loves. Understanding this fact makes an online associate degree a smart choice for anyone looking to take their career to the next level.

Medical assisting is another popular career path for those earning an online associate degree, and can often lead to valuable life experiences. The healthcare field is booming as the largest generation of Americans turns to an age of medical need. Having an online associate degree will transform ones ability to get a job from average, to desirable.

What makes online associate degrees so popular are that they offer a no nonsense approach to learning. An online associate degree is the most concentrated online degree on the market because it focuses on the specific vocation, or trade of ones choice. This is the type of degree that allows you to earn valuable certifications, and at the same time, build towards a 4 year degree for the future.

If school is something that isn’t going to be around for 4 years in terms of your opportunity level, an online associate degree is the way to go. Many online programs offer accelerated online associate degree paths to allow students to earn their degree in a year, and a half or less. Since the course requirements are less cumbersome than a 4 year degree program, those going after the online associate degree can utilize financial aid in a way that will pay for most of their education.

With all the benefits of the online associate degree it is amazing that more people are not running to their computers to sign up. The fact is, that most people are unaware of the powerful, and robust job market that is waiting for those that have earned their online associate degree. If the knowledge base was greater, and people had friends like mine, that were earning an above average living with their online associate degree’s, it wouldn’t be long before all the online associate degree programs in the country were full.

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