What Business Do Modern Day Fake Degree Mills Actually Do?

A high school diploma from the traditional schools is very expensive and requires lot of hard work and is a very time involving matter. This has created a market for fake certificates, be it bachelors or masters or PhDs. Fake Degree mills are capitalizing on the consumer desire for a more competitive career edge. It is evident that higher degrees and diplomas give a person a higher platform whether it is in his career or in social status. So there is great demand for degrees as everybody wants to upgrade from associate degrees to bachelors, bachelors to masters, masters to doctoral degrees, and it goes on. The latest trend that has set in is, the quicker, the cheaper, and the less work involved the better. Not that it will be accepted everywhere ,but there are occasions where you might be able to convince a consumer that a degree based on real life experience and work experience is as valid as a college degree. Now this is what you would call thinking out of the box. Based on this thought the business model of today’s fake degree mills have sprung up. They are here for those who want to buy fake certificates.

The modern day Fake diploma mills work on one of the most practical business model and the important fact is that it has been received very well by consumers. According to researches fake diploma business has a huge turn over around $500 million dollars a year. The most noticeable feature of these fake degree mills is that they do not make any wrong or deceiving claims, they are very clear and declare openly that these degrees are fake and not to be used for any legal purpose .Whereas Professional online websites for online diploma give the false impression that they are as extensive and solid as any brick and mortar college in America. If you investigate in details you will find that the domain name, addresses in places like Liberia, the Virgin Islands, and the Middle East are common and expose the illusions for what they are: virtual houses of cards. There are no campuses and no faculty offices in reality. There are various diploma producing mills at your service within the US. The fake degree business can be classified into two types.

� Type 1: Fake Diploma producers make no pretense of being colleges or leading consumers to believe their resumes can translate to real degrees. They sell, advertise, and fiercely market �fake,� �phony,� �bogus,� and �novelty� degrees.

� Type 2: In comparison to that, diploma mills like several online degree providers create a fake impression of reality and authority. In this case consumers are made to believe that an evaluation essay or exam, combined with their resume, earns them an academic degree, which is not true. Thus it results into a fake degree without the knowledge of the consumer. Marketing gimmicks and misleading information draws customers to such type of fake degree businesses.

Cost of Fake Diploma:

� In terms of expense the fake transcript cost ranges from $50 to thousands of dollars which is way less than the cost of actual degree. This reduces the huge gap between ordinary people and their dream of acquiring accolades. The fake degree provider gives you an opportunity to put a replica diploma on your wall which you always dreamt of but could not achieve because you never got to finish university.

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