Vacation Certificates As Corporate Giveaways

Most people go on annual holidays to relax, and take some time off from work. For those with families, everyone in the family look forward to the annual holiday. It’s an occasion where everyone can spend time together and have fun.

Travel companies and agencies and long noticed this trend. Families are going on vacations anyway, so why not come up with some incentives to help subsidize some of the travel expenses? That happened to be a good idea. As it turns out, more and more businesses are starting to make good use of vacation certificates. From a consumer perspective, you see these certificates most often in two situations.

1) Businesses using holiday certificates to help boost sales.

These certificates are offered as incentives. For example, if a customer spend beyond a certain amount of money, he or she will be entitled to bonus travel certificates. This is one way to encourage consumer spending, and to help defray some of the traveling costs. Consumers are happy because they get travel certificates. Businesses are happy because they make more sales. And travel companies are happy because they generate more revenues through the travel certificates. It’s a win-win for everyone. Such companies include large scale supermarkets, electronic superstores, furniture stores, and other giant retailers.

2) Corporate giveaways.

This is another situation where travel certificates are commonly used. Companies can use these certificates for a wide variety of occasions. For example, the certificates can be used as a reward, to be given away during the annual dinner and dance event. It is important to recognize the contributions of the employees. Human resource experts have mentioned that this is a wise move. Many employees don’t just stay in a company for the monetary rewards. They also seek job satisfaction and recognition. And what better way to recognize their efforts than giving vacation certificates? It’s like telling them that they have worked very hard, and they deserve to take a break.

In both instances mentioned above, perhaps the party that benefits the most is the corporation. That is because as a business entity, it has the resources to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk means enjoying volume discounts. A travel certificate can be advertised to be worth $500, when in reality, it costs the company only $300. Such discounts are possible due to the volume orders that only companies have the ability to place. These savings are in turn passed on to the consumer as promotional gifts or staff incentives.

Businesses can also boost their image by having their custom logo printed on the vacation certificates. Sometimes, these gift certificates are passed around among family members and friends. And that leads to free marketing for the company. If it’s a staff incentive certificate, now everyone knows that XYZ company takes good care of the its employees. These are intangible benefits that most businesses tend to overlook.

Remember, if you have to give something away, make sure that it’s something that other party needs or wants (like a vacation certificate). You will be doing them a great favor, and the will thank you for the gift.

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