Using Stickers And Certificates To Encourage Health Awareness Among Pupils

At a time when there are increasing concerns about childhood fitness and obesity, many primary and junior schools are taking the lead in encouraging a positive attitude among their pupils when it comes to sporting activities and making healthy lifestyle choices.

To support such health awareness initiatives some schools have employed the use of friendly and attractive reward stickers and certificates together with strategically placed posters and stickers that remind pupils of the healthy choices that should be constantly on their minds.

When it comes to rewarding pupils for achievements in physical activity and other healthy choices, schools are careful to use such reward stickers and certificates to not only acknowledge the high profile accomplishments of their top athletes but to also recognise the less noticeable yardstick achievements of all their pupils.

These can include rewards for successful participation in walk to school initiatives; bringing in healthy lunches and snacks; or even simply showing effort and commitment during games lessons. Using reward stickers and certificates in this way helps to encourage inclusiveness and give pupils the confidence to aim for their own personal sporting and healthy lifestyle achievement targets.

The strategic deployment around the school of healthy lifestyle choice reminders in the form of posters and stickers also serves to encourage positive attitudes towards personal care and fitness. School canteen meal options for example can be served up nest to signs that include either an encouraging healthy eating sticker or one that strongly advises caution before making a less healthy meal choice. Likewise, a cloakroom or other central location can feature stickers that gently prompt pupils to consider the benefits of activities such as walking to school.

At Brainwaves we can provide a range of professionally produced and attractive stickers, posters and certificates, both quickly and cost-effectively, to help with a school’s health and lifestyle initiatives.

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