Types If Accounting Degrees

Anyone who is interested in being part of the financial side of a business can do so by acquiring one of the various types of accounting degrees. Although, there aren’t that many types of degrees in the field of accounting as one finds in the field of technology and sciences, these are enough for any hardworking person to get a job. The following paragraphs inform us about the type of degrees one should go for, to realize his or her accounting career.


The prime job of an accountant is to prepare financial statements and record transactions of the organization, or for the individual he is working for. He is also involved in determining the cost of a technology against its advantage that can be gained in terms of efficiency. When the market is abuzz with news of the mergers and acquisitions, he is the person in the know. An accountant, in such a situation, is tasked with going through the financial accounts of the entities to be merged together or to be acquired. For his organization, he helps in developing IT systems or computer programs to ease the task of keeping an eye on its financial performance, tax strategies and employee benefits program. All in all, the data provided by an accountant is useful in charting the present and future course of the economic activities of an entity. The following paragraph deals with the types of accounting degrees.

Types of Accounting Degrees

For a student in his final year, starting to collect information about the types of accounting degrees, in order, to plot his career in this field is common. The following list may be able to furnish all the data in this direction, a student may want to know about.
Certificate in Accounting: For an individual in a hurry to get a accounting job, certificate in accounting can be a useful thing to brandish. He has the option of, either to opt for a certificate for bookkeeping, or an accounting technician. In terms of education, prime requirement for these certificates is one year of post-secondary education.
Associate Degrees: After completing secondary school education, a student interested in accounting can opt for an associate degree. This college-level degree can be acquired in 2 years of full time study.
Bachelor Degree in Accounting: Bachelor’s degree in accounting is something that lends you weight, if your are all for the higher positions in accounting. Accounting degree requirement for this is minimum of 4 years of education after completing post-secondary education. On the other hand, instead of going to a college, one may opt for online accounting degree program. A student aiming to become a certified public accountant, should go for this degree in accounting.
Master of Accountancy: If the bachelor degree opens the door to high positions in accounting, then this degree helps you in becoming a specialist in one of fields of accounting. It requires a bachelor in accountancy to utilize another year at the college or university to become a master.
Master of Business Administration: The career education imparted to the student also prepare him for a career in finance such as a financial analyst.
Doctoral Degree: To get a doctoral degree, or Ph.D in accounting, an individual has to do a lot of hard work. He or she may have to spend several years, engrossed in intense study of this field, to achieve this degree. However, it is worth it, as the Ph.D in accounting opens all of its fields to him or her.
An Accounting Degree and Job Openings

An individual, after getting a bachelor degree in accountancy and well supported by number of years of experience, can expect to hold the following jobs. However, higher education in this field is necessary to improve his chances, and shorten the time, in order to, achieve his or her goal.
Audit Accountant
Budget Analyst
Financial Accountant
Management Accountant
Tax Accountant
You may opt to go to a college for an accounting degree or you may, for your own reasons, opt to acquire one of the online accounting degrees. After completing it, you can improve your chances by testing for a certification from American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). There is no lack of job opportunities in the field of accounting. Every private organization, whether its small or a multinational, no-loss-no-profit entities, government as well as individuals have to maintain their financial records. These entities hire individuals having different types of accounting degrees as per their needs. On the other hand, a self motivated individual can go independent and start his own firm.

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