Traditional Attendant Gifts

One of the things a bride has to worry about when it comes time to get married is attendant gifts. The groom will also want to get these for the guys he asked to stand up with him on his wedding day. There are a lot of things you can get, and you really have to take some time to consider your attendants before you buy for them. They may like the traditional attendant gifts, but they may also really appreciate something different. In reality, you don’t have to buy something that everyone usually buys; you can get them whatever you want.

When I was a bridesmaid for one of my friends, her attendant gifts were pretty traditional, but I loved them all the same. She got us each a necklace and earrings that went with our dresses. The color was a good one, and I have used the necklace time and time again. My husband stood up with the groom, and his attendant gifts were gift certificates to Red Lobster. Again, another great a useful idea.

When you are looking for attendant gifts, don’t be afraid to go with something that you know will be useful. Some people like to give beer mugs and wine glasses with the names of their attendants on them, but make sure you aren’t giving these to people who don’t like to drink much. Just the same, if you have a lot of girlfriends who never wear makeup, gift bags from Mary Kay might not be a good idea either.

If you like the idea of gift certificates as attendant gifts, you are going to make everyone pretty happy as long as you give them something useful. Restaurant certificates are always a good idea; just make sure you choose a restaurant that is near everyone. If you want to go with a gift certificate for shopping, choose a national chain that you are sure everyone can get to or they won’t be able to use their gift.

To give unique and special attendant gifts, you can make up a special gift basket for each one that is made just for them. Think of things they like to eat or things they like to do, and fill a basket with related items for each one of the. When you do this, you are giving a gift that was obviously made just for them. Not only will they love it, they may also remember how wonderful your gift was when it comes time to give you something for being in their wedding.

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