The Amazing Value Of An Associate Degree Online

Recent studies have shown more strongly than ever that getting an associate degree online is one of the smartest investments in the future a high school graduate can make. Traditionally many people have felt that an associate degree is just a stepping-stone to a bachelor degree, but this is quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule. Today’s students can get an associate degree online that puts them in the workforce sooner, costs less and is more targeted to their career choice.

No Typical Associate Degree Online Student

When you look for students who are pursuing an associate degree online, you won’t find one person who is “typical.” The range of students is astounding, with more diversity by far than you’ll find on a traditional college campus. Because of the financial savings and the flexibility of the schedule, there are more non-traditional students in an online program. In any given class, you might find:

Working parents who need to study at night or during work breaks and can’t attend classes on campus.

Military personnel and their spouses, who move around frequently and can’t commit to one campus location.

Students with disabilities who can work more comfortably and efficiently from home.

Those returning to get an associate degree online because they are older and might not feel comfortable in the classroom with students much younger than them.

Improving Your Life with an Associate Degree Online

The United States census, various educational and government agencies and even financial analysts have been taking a good, hard look at associate degree programs in recent years. When they compared information and statistics they discovered that the advantages of earning an associate degree online were overwhelming:

The average difference in salary between a high school graduate and an individual with an associate degree is in the six figures over a lifetime, with the typical difference over a lifetime of working being somewhere around $140,000.

Once an individual is granted an associate degree, he or she can typically begin earning about $130 more every week than his counterpart without a degree. For those with associate degrees in computers, engineering or accounting the difference is even greater.

Individuals with an associate’s degree are far less likely to be unemployed than those with only a high school education.

If you then figure in the money saved by pursuing an online degree instead of attending a traditional college, you’ll see just how valuable your degree can be. After all, attending an online college means you’ve:

Continued to make money by working while you attend classes.

Saved money on transportation (whether on gasoline and parking or public transportation).

Skipped the investment in activity fees, meals on campus and even additional clothing by studying at home.

Is it any wonder that one well-known financial analyst recently referred to the value of an associate degree as a “slam dunk” with massive payback for students? If you want to gain this payback for yourself, check out getting an associate degree online. It’s the best way to advance your career with the least financial outlay. You’ll see the return many times over.

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