Ssl Certificates Help You To Secure Yourself & Your Website To Prevent Holiday Hoaxes This Christmas

Recent numbers from the U.S. Department of Commerce show that online retail is continuing its rapid growth, and of course, Christmas means high sales. However, malicious phishing and pharming schemes and fear of inadequate online security cause online retailers to lose out on business as potential customers balk at doing business online; worrying that sensitive data will be abused or compromised.

Unfortunately we can never let our guard down because crooks are always looking for a chance to take advantage of everyone, not only the unsuspecting. The most crucial thing you can do to protect yourself and prevent suffering at the hands of con-artists is to become knowledgeable of identify hoaxes so that you can prevent them.

ID thieves prey on kindness and trust. They will take whatever they can from you when you are performing an online transaction, sharing your credit card details with e-commerce websites.

So today we want to share some information about how SSL Certificates can help both sellers and buyers develop a Trust Bridge between each other this Christmas and throughout the year.

An SSL certificate is essential to protect sensitive information as it is transmitted over the internet, such as when a form containing personal or financial information is submitted by a customer. SSL Certificates can be purchased from a number of providers, including VeriSign, GeoTrust, Thawte, and many others. The SSL certificate is engaged when the web site is accessed with a URL beginning with �https� instead of �http�, encrypting both the request (submission of the form or request of a web page via a URL) and response (the information that is sent back to the browser from the site’s server).

All sensitive information should be collected and presented on pages served over HTTPS protocol using the SSL certificate. Customers often look to the �lock icon� in the corner of their browser window to ensure that a page asking for this information is secure. The green address bar is even more obvious and visual, allowing the customer to immediately recognize high-end security.

Information contained in the SSL Certificate includes:

�The certificate holder’s name (individual or company)

�The certificate’s serial number and expiration date

�Copy of the certificate holder’s public key

�The digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority

Also, SSL Certificates (used by all checking infrastructures to defend susceptible data) encrypt at industry-standard 128-bit and high-grade 256-bit SSL security to provide safety for internet dealings. The real security exchange on a safe network using a digital certificate is established by the level of security recognized by the user’s browser and the machine that the Website is stored on (ie, the server).

Conclusion �” The Key to Internet Security

The need for dependable internet security is improving. Despite flourishing online sales many people continue to believe that online shopping is less safe than doing so at an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar shop. This is because they’re right; but e-commerce continues to grow every day. For this reason, reducing online ID theft as much as possible prevents massive amounts of fraud. The key to developing a profitable online enterprise is to build customer trust. Only when clients are confident that their credit card information and data is secure with your enterprise will they consider buying on the Internet.

Implement an SSL Certificate on your website today to secure your internet sales this Christmas!!

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