Securing Your Future Career Prospects With A Master In Barcelona In English

Committing to a costly time-consuming Master in Barcelona in English could seem foolish right now with global events dictating the need for everyone to tighten their belts.

But recent research commissioned by the Consultative Committee for Professional Management Organizations has discovered that, far from putting a burden on anxious employees, going to a business school may be the answer to securing their future career. The results demonstrated that people whose qualifications go beyond traditional academic routes see a 9% increase in their long-term employability and can earn up to 37% more than their colleagues who only have an undergraduate degree, such as Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students studying for a business-related Masters degree acquire additional knowledge on business and a wide range of relevant aspects. The business schools usually teach business strategies and concepts, in theory and in reality. And since a Master degree, especially MBA, often requires training and internship in some companies, a student will surely learn to use their skills in reality and in the daily business operations.

A good Masters degree, such as Master in International Management, Master in Finance, Master in Marketing Management, or MBA, enhances a student’s leadership skills because of the rigid training involved. Apart from the training, the assignments, reports, presentations and group projects enable students to use their skills and capacities in handling business situations similar to what takes place in real life. The development of these abilities promotes expertise, leadership, problem-solving and decision-making in each student.

Apart from all these advantages, another important benefit gained from studying for a Master in Barcelona in English is the network of international business relationships which a student forms with his classmates from different countries. Considering that Barcelona is an exceptionally multinational city, it attracts many international students each year. The relationships created during the course of study in a business school in Barcelona are considered valuable resources which will continue bringing benefits even after graduating from the program. These extensive international networks of ex-classmates can be sought by graduates when they need professional advice and can help them in their search for jobs.

Often getting an international Masters degree can lead to a career change. Masters obtained in a business school are considered management degrees and can prepare you for management-level positions. Good management is needed in every industry, and a good Master degree in business can give you autonomy to move across industries. Also, many masters programs have specializations or are specialized in their industry focus (ex: MBA Marketing Management). Getting a specific Masters degree can make you more marketable within that specialized area.

A significant number of business graduates who pursued a Master in Barcelona in English did it to eventually start their own business. While, such Masters degrees as Master in Entrepreneurship is not required to be an entrepreneur or to start a business, it can be a huge benefit.

Of course, there are many other reasons to pursue a Master in Barcelona in English, which are unrelated to the competitive business of job-hunting, including a desire to expand an interest, specialize in a subject area, try something different or simply to further your knowledge.

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