Safe And Sound With Verisign Ssl

VeriSign offers various services, such as VeriSign SSL certificate, that allow companies (and their customers) to communicate safely. An SSL stands for secure sockets layer. VeriSign SSL certificates encrypt sensitive information during online transactions and communication. This helps avoid identity theft or credit card fraud. A VeriSign SSL certificate has an encryption rate of 128-bits opposed to the standard 40-bits. This offers customers unprecedented online safety against attacks by hackers. VeriSign SSL certificate protection comes at a higher price because it offers a higher standard of security.

Many SSL certificates do not require much information from businesses. This can allow practically any company to purchase an SSL certification. Customers can be at risk with cheap and less reputable SSL certificates. Customers should trust reputable protection, such as VeriSign SSL certificates that includes the VeriSign Trust Seal. The VeriSign SSL Trust Seal is viewed on over 90,000 websites in 160 countries. On a daily basis, VeriSign scans customer’s websites for malicious activity or code.

VeriSign also ensures that a customer’s website is highly visible. As individuals search online for their goods or services, the business’ website is posted aside from a VeriSign Trust Seal. This allows the website to stand out from others, and individuals will feel comfortable buying from an encrypted SSL protect site.

According to VeriSign, customer case studies show that an increase in transactions of 10-34 percent occur when the VeriSign emblem is shown. Currently, 93 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 81 percent of North America’s largest e-Commerce websites use VeriSign SSL products.

There are various security products available for those who want to secure their business and secure their customers. VeriSign products very in price from 250 to 1000 for a one year subscription. A key feature of VeriSign products are the extended warranties up to $125,000. No other SSL certifications offer the time of security and insurance than VeriSign.
VeriSign certificates may be more expensive than others. However, the piece of mind that your business and customers are safe from identity theft, fraud, or malicious activity is worth the higher price. It is important to compare the cost of the VeriSign protection to the cost of fraud. It is that simple.

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