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Manav Bharti University, a private charity owned college in a small town of Solan is striving to compete and make space in the educational world of India. The efforts seem to be fruitful but they have not yet stopped.

Manav Bharti University was established in the year 2009. It is a private university but is recognized by the state government under the act of university grants commission. The Dr. R.K. Rana laid this university and is the present chairman of the university. The university provides courses in various fields like doctoral programmes, Paramedical sciences, computer courses and such other courses. The listed courses in this university are ten in number.

manav bharti university colleges :

The University conducts tests based on which it selects its students. Forms for the admission in Manav Bharti University can be purchased both from the college or can be called for, by post. In case one seeks to buy the form from the college itself, charges are 750/- INR, and for postal order of the form, the postal charges are included within, and form costs 800/-INR. All the payments are done while buying the form or if the form has been ordered by post then the whole fee along with the form is to be sent back to the university. In case one fails to fill any details of the form or attach the fee of the form or any detail fails to match the authenticity, the candidature of the student is liable to be rejected.

The tests are conducted on yearly basis for the admission. But some special cases may also be entertained, and the student may get a wild card entry. The college provides interesting courses, some of which are absolutely new to the state and has helped students to remain in the state. These courses, which earlier if the student sought, they had to leave the state and look for them in other state colleges.

Himachal Pradesh being one of the most beautiful states of the country, and also now trying to be a hub in educational arena, has not only been successful in retaining their own population within but has also been able to attract students from over the country. The natural beauty of the place helps colleges like Manav Bharti University to make a mark in the educational sector.

Manav Bharti University is a charity trust based college. The trust funding this university is Manav Bharti Charitable Trust. The exact location of this college is Solan. The college is about sixty five kilometres in distance from Chandigarh. It is also about thirty five kilometres away from the Kalka railway station. The college has its one of the admission centre in Varanasi. The Institute of Integrated Management and Technology is the centre of information for Manav Bharti University and also holds its admissions.

manav Bharti University courses as discussed before are pursued by local as well as students coming from outside Solan or even Himachal Pradesh. These courses names can be mentioned here which are: – Computer Science, Doctoral Programme, Engineering (more than one branch viz. Electrical, electronics, mechanical and more), Fire Safety management, Hotel management, Languages, Management courses with several branches and fields, Paramedical Sciences, Veterinary Courses are the main courses provided in this university.
The College is adamant on achieving high standards and reaching high goals to become an education hub for the country.

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