Online Schools Nursing: Scholarships Available For Student Nurses

Does the thought of attending nursing school sound like a very expensive idea? Did you know that many online schools of nursing, as well as many public and private entities, have scholarships available to help prospective students pay for things like tuition, books and even living expenses? While online schools of nursing will normally cost less on average than their traditional counterparts, going to school can still be quite expensive and you may require some financial assistance. This assistance can come in the form of student loans, financial aid (for those who qualify) help from your employer or from earning a scholarship. In this article we will take a closer look at this last option, earning a scholarship, by discussing a few of the essentials for locating online scholarship information, and we will then provide a few examples of the thousands of scholarships currently available for nursing school candidates.

Online Schools Nursing: How to Locate Scholarship Information

If you’re currently working part-time or full-time in a healthcare setting, the first place you’ll want to look for scholarship information is your employer. Nurses are in high demand, and as a result, employers will often offer financial assistance to their employees for furthering their education.

There are other places you may want to seek information as well. Due to the nursing shortage throughout the country, nursing school scholarships are now widely available if you know where to look. Below are just a few examples of the types of sites where you may find this valuable scholarship information:

�Healthcare Associations. Large healthcare associations will often offer scholarships up to $5,000 for those pursuing education in the health care field.
�Nursing Associations. There are several associations dedicated exclusively to the field of nursing. These sites are an excellent resource for locating scholarship opportunities.
�Your School’s Financial Aid Office. Most schools have a department where students can find resources on scholarships and other types of financial assistance.

Online Schools Nursing: Scholarship Examples

The following is an abbreviated list of some of the scholarships currently available for student nurses. Much of this information was gathered using the resources explained above, and is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, if there are inaccuracies, or if you know of additional resources not mentioned here, we’d be more than happy to hear your comments.

�AACN Educational Advancement Scholarships. This scholarship is for $1,500 and is offered to registered nurses who wish to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing.
�American Academy of Nursing. This is a major scholarship/grant of $50,000 for nurses who wish to pursue an advanced business degree and are anticipating a career in managing elder care facilities.
�AmeriCorps. AmeriCorps offers educational awards to any individual in exchange for one year of community service.
�Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship. This is an annual scholarship of $500 offered to student nurses by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
�Health Professions Scholarship Program. This program offers continual annual scholarships for American Indians and natives of Alaska who wish to pursue a degree in a variety of healthcare-related fields.
�March of Dimes-Child Nursing Scholarships. These $5,000 scholarships are offered annually to registered nurses who enroll in maternal-child nursing at the master’s or doctoral levels.

These are just a few of the many scholarships available for those thinking of attending online schools of nursing. For more scholarship opportunities in your area, check with your local hospital or the nearest university.

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