Online Degrees: Pros And Cons

Online degrees are an excellent option for many people. Parents, working professionals, and busy people alike can benefit from this non-traditional method of earning a degree. While there are many reasons to decide to go to school online, there are also some factors to consider.

Here’s a good, old-fashioned list of pros and cons to help you decide if earning your degree online is right for you.

Pros of Online Degrees

Any Location : The ability to take classes wherever you are is one of the biggest benefits of online degree programs. There is no need to pick up and relocate to attend a specific school and you can even keep up with your classes while on a business trip or family vacation.

Any Time : One of the many beauties of online degree programs is the ability to take classes on your own time. You can study at your own rate and enroll in as many or as few courses as you can take on at a time. You can even decide to split up your classes and take them in chunks of time, rather than sitting through an entire class period at once.

Career Booster : Online degree programs are an excellent way to further your career. With this format, you can keep your job while you open new doors to raises, promotions, and even new job opportunities.

Your Environment : Taking classes outside the traditional classroom lets you learn in your own style. Set your study habits and work on your courses in a setting that helps you reach your highest potential, whether that be the library or at your kitchen table.

Increased Accessibility : Unlike campus buildings and libraries, the Internet never closes. You can access course materials, class forums, discussions, and other resources whenever you need to, with just the click of a button. Cutting-edge technology is employed by many programs and will make your learning easier and more effective.

Peer Interaction : Most online degree programs have discussion forums that students participate in. This provides a sense of unity and camaraderie and will give you the chance to learn from and network with fellow students.

Experienced Instructors : Instructors who teach in online degree programs are often experts who have experience in the field they are teaching in. This gives you the chance to learn from the pros as you start a new career or further the one you already have. Also, for some students it’s easier to approach teachers in an online conversation than in real life.

Cons of Online Degrees

Procrastination : With the responsibility of studying on your own time comes the temptation to procrastinate. Avoid this pitfall by keeping to a schedule, setting goals, and staying on track.

Virtual Contact : Online degree programs don’t give you the chance to talk with your instructor face-to-face to get help on assignments and makes mentoring more difficult. You will also most likely only be able to communicate with your fellow students through online forums and emails. However, online interaction can occur and mentoring can be done from a distance.

Stigmas : Although it’s becoming less of a problem, many employers don’t equate online degrees with traditional degrees. Finding a reputable school and a solid program will make it easier to impress current and potential employers with your online degree.

Subject Matter : Only some programs are offered online and for some people, some topics may be harder to master in an online environment. However, there are dozens of excellent programs in lots of different fields to choose from and with some determination and hard work, you will succeed in your classes.

My Colleges and Careers is an excellent resource with more information on how you can earn your online degree and find the school and online program that meets your needs.

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