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Are you ready to get the Associate Degree online? In case that answer is affirmative, then congratulations! In fact, earning an associates degree online is a good means to get going on a much better life, career, and paycheck. It is recommended to educate yourself on the benefits and disadvantages of receiving your degree online versus the traditional brick & mortar college, as it will improve your options when you make your final decision.

There are many advantages to earning an online associate degree:

1. Comfort – Earning your online associate degree means that you can study and learn from the convenience of your home.

2. Affordable – You can save a great amount of money when you do not need to commute to and from college. And with gas costs the way they are now, it adds up to a huge amount!

3. Flexible – When you are a learner of an online learning program you are capable to attend class when it is best for you, night or day.

4. Effective – You are capable to communicate easily with the instructors through video chat, voice and email. A lot of students find that study online is more effective and focused because there is no distraction.

The disadvatages of the online degree:

1. You should be self motivated to complete your online degree. It is easier to procrastinate on the studying in case you are at home compared to attending a classroom.

2. Degrees online are typically not as recognised as customary college degrees. It’s something having been changing over the last few years as degrees online from accredited colleges become more accepted.

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