Mcgill Mba Program

Located in the central part of Montreal, Quebec, McGill University is considered as one of the best institutions in Canada. The university has been recognized by various organizations over the years. It has been one of the top 25 Canadian universities around the globe according to Times Higher Education Supplement. It also ranked number one in the medical doctoral category of McLean’s 2005 Canadian University Rankings.

The McGill’s University Faculty of Management has a diversified community and maintains international standards. It is the university’s priority to develop superior research programs guided by competitive and experienced professors. The school’s curriculum are structured in a way that it encourages students to study critical thinking in handling present business customs around the globe. With students coming from different countries, global business issues are the main subjects of its curriculum. McGill’s University has hundreds of students from all over the country. Its faculty comprises of professors from different backgrounds as well. This environment enables students to learn business in a global perspective.

The McGill MBA Program is composed of two-thirds international faculty members from top schools. Around more than half of the population of its students came from different countries across the globe. The gender ratio of the university is about 70% male students while the female comprises the other 30%. There are five key features that differentiate McGill MBA programs from other MBA programs. The university has an integrated approach, innovative curriculum, balanced teaching, flexible curriculum and collaborative teamwork.

The integrated approach is designed in order to train students to make efficient decisions on different disciplines. The innovative curriculum promotes a good relationship between teachers and students which results to better understanding of each course. The balanced teaching enables students to have a broad understanding of the course by incorporating case studies, exercises, group work, lectures, role playing and discussions in the curriculum. The flexible curriculum, on the other hand, allows an exchange program as well as a summer school abroad to help students in their personal career goals. And lastly, the collaborative teamwork teaches students that cooperation and mutual aid are the key factors to success. This creates a healthy competition among students and emphasizes the importance of teamwork and interdependence. Through this, network of students and different contacts are created within the school grounds and extends for a longer business and personal relationships among students, even after college. This can be depicted in the strong affiliation of the school among its alumni that supports the faculty even after the graduation.

The McGill University’s MBA program gives students the skills to address complicated multi-disciplinary decisions. It also allows students to adapt to the ever- changing situations in the industry. Strong business fundamental foundations enable students to study at the university as effective as they could possibly be.

A combined degree is available where in McGill MBA program ties up with the McGill University’s Faculty of Law. This can be completed in a span of four and a half years and the Faculty of Medicine can also be completed in a span of five years.

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