Master Of Education Online – The Route Chosen By Aspiring Education Administrators

The Master of Education Online is among the best possible educational paths for those aspiring to be education administrators like Principals, Assistant Principals, School Administrators, College Provosts, Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, Directors of Admissions, Registrars, etc.

For individuals being considered for the post of an education administrator, both professional experience as an educator or school administrative assistant, and graduate level qualification in education are equally important.

Distance learning provides the perfect simultaneous solution for both, without affecting the other. No wonder that Master of Education Online courses are offered by more and more American Universities and Colleges, and are in high demand across the nation.

What It Involves:

Online Master of Education courses involve distance learning or online courses that culminate in graduate degrees like M.Ed., M.A.E., or Ed.M. Though these are just naming conventions followed by different Universities, other significant differences exist between different Master of Education programs.

Mainly, these differences are about program specializations. Common branches for Master of Education are Educational Administration, Guidance Counseling, Academic Enrichment, Preparation for Ed.D or Ph.D, and Higher Education / Student Affairs. These specializations correspond to the specific field in which an aspiring education administrator is planning to enter.

Apart from these, several subject-wise courses are available, like, Master of Science (M.S.) in Education, M.A. English Language Learning, M.A. Mathematics Education, etc, as well as specialized Master of Education courses in subjects like Learning and Technology, Measurement and Evaluation, Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, e-Learning etc.

Why Education Administration?

Considering the immense responsibilities expected of a present-day education administrator, the field is clearly not for everyone. The demands from students, parents, governments, and the community, are indeed high.

Still, the competition to be a recognized education administrator is great even today. The reason is simple – education administrators get to work in such socially fulfilling and influential positions like Principals, School Administrators, Directors of Admissions, Registrars, etc.

Why a Master Degree in Education?

A Master of Education degree is an absolute prerequisite to enter the career of an Education Administrator. This is especially so in the public schools of most states. Today, whether a school is public or private, education administrators with only a bachelor’s degree, are generally only found in preschools.

On the other end of the spectrum, in Universities and Colleges, even a Master of Education degree is not considered enough, except for posts like College Provosts, Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, Directors of Admissions etc. More academically responsible posts in colleges, like Dean, Director, and Chairperson, definitely call for a doctoral degree in education, after a Master of Education program.

Lastly, Master of Education graduates also earn at least $10,000 per year more than their counterparts with only a bachelor’s degree.

Why Get a Education Master Degree Online?

Today, almost everyone who succeeds at getting a start in education administration, are already employed in schools or colleges. They are predominantly teachers, but also include those working as school counselors, curriculum specialists, subject matter advisors, recruiters, librarians, residence hall directors, financial aid specialists, admissions counselors, etc.

The reason is rational enough – a good education administrator should first be a good educator. For example, only a proven teacher can hope to be an accepted Assistant Principal or Principal. In fact, this proven track-record is as much a prerequisite as a Master of Education degree.

On the other hand, most accredited Master of Education programs are tougher to complete than other graduate degrees, and it takes a longer time frame too. Clearly, this presents a problem for aspirants who can’t dream of losing their current position for further education’s sake. Master of Education Online becomes popular, as it addresses this problem elegantly.

What to Expect From Master of Education Online, in the Future?

New education administrators are expected to be in great demand for the next ten years, as a significant percentage of older professionals will retire within this period. This will result in greater demand for Master of Education Online courses, and more and more Universities and Colleges providing it.

While demand for primary and secondary school administrators will remain steady, demand for preschool and post-secondary administrators are expected to gather momentum, reflecting the greater student enrollments in these segments.


Motivated by the social fulfillment and better pay prospects possible for an education administrator, more and more teachers and other education professionals are opting to be an education administrator. Since this role calls for continuing professional experience and a Master of Education degree, there is great demand for Master of Education Online courses.

The growth prospects for roles in education administration, like, Principals, Assistant Principals etc, are excellent.

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