Graduate Education, Is It Really Worth It?

Education increases a person’s ability to comprehend issues better with a better outlook. It also increases the perspective of a person. The result is that the person’s ability to seek information for itself and look for literature for better alternative ideas improves considerably.

Back to School?

In this economic crisis what we need is to plan our finances for long term achievements. Students increase their future opportunities for better salary packages and better prospects only after further education. Good career has roots of a good educational background. Higher education not only improves the remuneration figure but also gives an individual job satisfaction and expand his or her business network as well. A good quality graduate education helps to improve not their personal progression as an individual, but are highly beneficial to their organization and even at a national level as well. This is especially so in countries like Singapore, Sweden and Finland where human capital development are their main competitive asset in the global economy. Education should not be considered as a means to an end but as means to enrich their lives and of those around the.

Graduate Education is worth far more than for a fiscal reason.

In tough economic situation like today, people sound miserable when they talk about recession they are in reality deceiving themselves by promoting negative views on how the economic turmoil is devastating peoples’ life and this prediction is actually stopping them living their lives. But they must understand the fact that it is precisely in times like this that the more qualified you are the better it is for your career. To say that education is not worth it in this financial climate proves how short sighted we are. The need of the day is to educate individuals so that similar recession can never recur. The value of a quality graduate education ranks much higher in the mind of prospective employers, graduate schools like INSEAD, Chicago and The City University of New York are flourishing in Singapore, attracting experienced professionals across ASEAN.

The forecast � the recession might be temporary and variant, but higher education is compulsory to enjoy a better life when the downturn fades out

If acquiring a degree requires three long years of investment of time and money, it is bound to scare the students. However, students can avail of student loans from the various banks today and start studying for a higher degree course. In the three years’ time, they would get enough time to prepare and ready themselves for a job after the completion of the course. By the time they will finish their degrees, the recession is going to be over and there will be enough jobs for them to grab and make it big!

Students, however will have to be more conscious about their financial situation. Several finance companies offering loans which are to be repaid only when they start earning over 15,000 GBP and the repayments start at 5 GBP per week, favor the case of students. Student debt, hence is one of the safest loans to opt for, while the best fight against the recession is to opt for higher studies. Furthermore, the success lies in taking advantage over those who have wrong reasons and ideas against further studies.

We can overcome!

Lastly, The Tripartite Centre for Fair Employment has given the WPP agency a plan to transform the approach of employers to adopt �fair and merit-based workplaces�. The WDA has also structured the WPP agency to craft a national education campaign to give confidence to Singaporeans so that they do not hesitate to enter further education. This is to boost their morale and get ready as employment is supposed to rise above 3 million by this year itself! WDA also launched a series of graduate diplomas and post graduate diplomas under the Professional Conversion Programmes (PCP) which helps Professionals, Managers, Engineers and Technicians (PMET)s to explore career switches and advancement.

So exactly how much value can be placed on further education today?

Talk to anyone in the industry, everyone recognized the value of a quality graduate education. An enhanced education will play a significant role cause regardless of economic conditions, time tested attributes like experience, qualifications and right attitudes always survives.

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