Doctorate Degrees In Psychology

Every Doctorate degree has an eligibility criterion. The minimum requirement for a doctorate program of any field is a graduate degree. A student, who is planning to pursue a Doctorate degree in Psychology, is no exception. He too requires a bachelor’s degree in psychology, biology or pre-med.

The time frame for completing a doctoral program is about five or seven years. The course includes the study of quantitative methods of research and dissertation that is based on novice and original research. The pay scale of a person having a doctoral degree is about $57,214 – $86,692 annually. This also depends on the specialty and course chosen by the student. As for instance a clinical psychologist earns $68,113 per annum while forensic psychologist is paid $72,977 annually.

The various doctorate programs offered are:

Doctorate in Education (EdD)

The eligibility criterion for this course is a master’s degree in either education or some related field. EdD is efficient for mid-career employees who have a master’s degree in the same but wish to pursue the doctorate level degree in order to gain knowledge and then put into practice. It is an exceptionally designed course for a professional practitioner.

The various opportunities for students completing this course can include working as administrators, teacher educators, superintendents, and other diverse leadership positions.

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)

Psychologists who gain a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology degree can opt for a number of programs such as a teaching job, clinical, counseling and research positions in good universities, healthcare services, private industry, government industry and elementary or secondary schools. The entrance into such a PhD program is extremely competitive. A Master’s degree acquired in psychology is prerequisite for PhD program.

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

This doctorate program has the requirement of master’s degree that is acquired in the field of psychology or some other related field. This is a quite new professional degree program that is offered by professional schools. It emphasizes on clinical practice and a research training session. This entrance to PsyD programs in comparison to PhD programs is less tough and competitive.

Post-Doctoral Certificate

This degree is one step ahead of the doctorate programs. It is certificate program that is beyond the doctorate degree and is termed as the Post-doctoral certificate psychology program. Professional psychologists who have completed their PhD or PsyD and wish to study further to expand their learning, knowledge as well as training, especially in psychology area for instance academic, counseling, clinical, organizational or health psychology, are more likely to opt for such a certificate program.

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