Cleveland State University � Leader Of Research Oriented Education

Degrees and Programs

CSU has a range of education programs from 27 master’s degree programs, 70 academic majors, with two post-master’s degrees, two law degrees and six doctoral degrees. Besides these programs, it offers research facilities in association with the NASA Glenn Research Center . E-learning, 4+1 Accelerated Bachelors and Masters Degree, graduate programs, specialist programs, dual programs and graduate certificate programs are the other available options.

There are over 1000 undergraduate and graduate courses, continuing education programs and professional certificate programs in at least 200 major disciplines. Instructional courses are available in education and human services, business administration, engineering, law, sciences, social sciences, liberal arts and urban affairs.

E-Learning Center

The e-learning center of the university provides media development services, instructional design support, program coordination and student services for the e-learning facility of the university. It explores the scope of more educational opportunities in e-learning and their large access to the learners who get online courses and online degrees through this center.

Campus and Library

In addition to the apartment style student hostels; the university campus has an administration center, a restaurant, and a recreation center. The university also has 150 plus student organizations, NCAA division, athletics department, national fraternities and sororities. A student center and an Education and Human Services College are coming in the campus shortly. A student run radio station operates at the frequency of 89.3, a student newspaper published by the name of �The Cauldron’, a few laboratory newspapers are the other highlighting features of the campus life here. Sport lovers can enjoy football which is widely promoted by the university authorities.

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