Choosing An Online Degree For Changing Careers

Picking a career that you’ll be happy with over the course of your professional life is not an easy task�”anyone who’s been through the process can tell you that. You may do everything right throughout the decision-making process but still end up in the wrong profession for you.

It’s actually a vicious circle. Because you’re in the wrong job, you are unable to perform to your full potential, which makes you dislike your work even more. Plus there are few things worse than the feeling that you’re stuck in the wrong job.

There could be many reasons for feeling that you are in the wrong profession: the industry is in a slump, so growth opportunities are limited; the work isn’t rewarding enough; the paycheck isn’t substantial enough; it’s not the right fit for you; or you’ve simply found your calling elsewhere.

The moment this realization dawns on you is the moment to start setting things right. One of the best ways to get free of the shackles of the wrong job is to revitalize your life by changing your career.

Changing careers with online education

There was a time when changing your career usually meant giving up your job and going back to school full time. Even if you were lucky enough to find a college that offered night or evening classes, you could end up walking a tightrope between work and school.

Not anymore. Distance learning programs have made it not just possible, but easily doable to both work and study full time, with the flexibility to choose a schedule that’s convenient for you, rather than following a preset timetable.

So while your job might be chafing you, with a distance learning degree you still have the security of that income flow until you are trained for another career.

There are many other benefits of choosing an online degree program to change your career.

�Not only will you be able to stay employed throughout your education, you’ll also be able to cut down on the cost of college, as online and distance-learning programs are usually more economical than their traditional counterparts.

�Online degree programs are not just more flexible and affordable, but also more accessible than their classroom-based counterparts. You can choose any distance education school in any part of the country (or even abroad) to pursue your distance learning degree.

�You have a wide range of fields to choose from in online degree programs. Fields you can get your distance education degree in include liberal arts, pure sciences, applied sciences, healthcare, technology, business, and fine arts.

�You have a wide range of degree options: basic associate’s programs, advanced master’s degrees, and even doctoral degrees can now be pursued online!

�Perhaps the biggest joy of pursuing a distance learning degree is the opportunity it provides to connect with others like you from the world over. Don’t let the word �distance� mislead you: you will be collaborating with students and professors from all over the country and the world on a regular basis, using web-based platforms like video chats, discussion forums, message boards, instant messaging, podcasts, etc.

Before you start�

Don’t make an impulsive decision; before you start filling in college application forms for an online degree program, stop and think!

Do you have the aptitude to back up your interest in your chosen field? Will you have decent employment opportunities once you graduate? Will your new career offer you the kind of compensation you are hoping for? Do you like the sound of the day-to-day work it involves? And above all, will you be happy doing it for the rest of your life?

If your answer to most of these questions is positive, then don’t let anything stop you from reaching for your dreams!

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