Career In Master Of Science In Nursing

Looking at the today’s economic situation, planning for a long-term career has become more important than ever. While many industries are shrinking, the healthcare industry is one of the few countable industries that show no signs of slowing down. With more than 2.5 million nurses currently employed, this industry is definitely one of fastest growing economic sectors in United States and if you are planning to earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree then it is going to be a great career move.

These days there are many leading universities and nursing schools that are offering degrees in Master of Science in Nursing. The MSN program is one of the few popular nursing courses designed to address the increasing nursing and nursing faculty shortage by preparing nurse administrators, faculty in nursing education, and educators for health care institutions. It is a graduate program that usually includes courses in organizational development, management, budgeting, and health care economics.

Earning a master’s degree actually allows you to specialize and widen your opportunities for earning more money and having bigger responsibilities. Once you complete your MSN program or earn a MSN degree, you can advance your health care career and become an administrator, manager, or supervisor. Working as a Health Care Administrator, you will be trained to deal with the integration of health care delivery systems, technological innovations, and an increasingly complex regulatory environment. You will work as either specialist in-charge of a specific clinical department, or as generalist who supervise an entire facility (for example a hospital) or work as an executive in a health care system. Ultimately, the MSN degree gives you an opportunity to broaden your scope of nursing into other vital areas of patient care.

Apart from this, the program also provides you a platform to advance your career in the teaching profession and work as a nurse educator. In fact, a recent 2007 study of nursing schools conducted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing highlights that around 71.4% of respondents had nursing faculty shortages. As a result, by becoming a nurse educator, you will experience the enthusiasm of teaching and have a direct impact on the lives of others.

Master of Science in Nursing is definitely a great way to earn your advanced degree in nursing. The course provides you opportunity to have rich interaction with experienced faculty and put you at an advantage edge on your career ladder.

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