Build Business Credibility With A Code Signing Security Certificate

What is Code Signing?

Code Signing Certificates are used by software on the relying party’s computers to verify that software downloaded and anticipated to run on a computer in fact originates from the source named in the Certificate. Though most software verification systems only display the Common Name field of the Code Signing Certificate, used, the dependability of the organization entity responsible for signing the software is confirmed. This filed can be used to confuse the relaying party as to the origin of the software or otherwise represent the company in a fraudulent manner. Organizations such as Thawte and VeriSign are widely renowned for keeping fraud out of the Code Signing process.

Code Signing Certificate offer strong protection and precise verification for downloadable software. You can securely bring your products to market while enjoying utmost value, credibility, and security with Certificates. Code Signing also helps ensure technical compliance with guidelines recognized by platform vendors and emerging application storefronts, making Code Signing Certificates an increasingly grave piece of the application development process. Thawte and VeriSign developed their certificates to fill this need and update their certificates as security risks demand. Any important security updates to certificates are issued by both organizations free of charge.

How to Generate Code Signing Certificate:

For better cost and flexibility, order through a trusted reseller such as
After ordering, click Generate Certificate Now.
Follow the step by step, detailed instructions.
Answer any validation question the Certification Authority may have by email or phone.
Specialties of Code Signing Certificates:

Uses a Single Certificate for most up platforms and applications.
Ensures that your active content or Code cannot be maliciously modified.
Allows you to sign active contents like Macros, Millet and java applets to protect electronic exchange over the internet.
To improve trust with your customers, it’s important to confirm the identity of the software publisher and verify the integrity of the code. Unsigned or self-signed code triggers an alert and discourages software downloads, limiting the reach and revenue potential of your software. Trust in your code is only as strong as its digital signature, so it’s essential to choose a trusted third party that is recognized worldwide. Thawte and VeriSign are the two greatest brand names throughout the world. Preferred by innovative software developers around the globe, a Code Signing Certificate delivers the trust which you need to create customer loyalty.

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