Bs In Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program at the American Sentinel University prepares students for career advancement in Information Technology. Students gain the knowledge, communication skills, critical thinking, creative skills, and technical competencies required in the modern workplace. The program is intended for students who have already graduated from high school and have a basic familiarity with computers. After completion of a BS in information technology the students are able to design and create real-world products or technical solutions to hardware and software problems depending on their chosen area of emphasis. For those interested in advancing the technology career or seeking entry-level employment in information technology, the BS in Information Technology from helps them meet their career goals.

Online IT degree programs are good for those interested in obtaining the fundamental knowledge and skills expected from today’s information technology professionals without giving up a current job. One of the prerequisites before taking up the BS in information technology is that students should be self-motivated and capable of working with less direct supervision. American Sentinel University’s structured independent study courses like BS in Information Technology are open for enrollment several times throughout the year. Students will complete their courses on either 8 or 12-week terms. Candidates are free to manage their schedule within their term, with a minimum enrollment per term of four weeks. Textbooks written by leading academic and industry experts form the basis of each course. Also, expert advice and study tips help the students to create a manageable schedule that permits time for work, family and other activities

Most of the independent study courses at American Sentinel University are specifically designed for Internet delivery. Supported by faculty and staff, students are required to complete a minimum of 12 credit hours over a 12-month period. An Online degree from means a well-rounded education through the study of mathematics, natural sciences, social science, humanities, and written and oral communication. The University endeavors to enable students to develop analytical and critical thinking and interpersonal skills applicable to real-world problems. Most of the skill set acquired through interaction with the faculty is applicable to fundamental systems analysis and design, project management, and end user support concepts and methods. The BS in Information technology also prepares students for entry-level positions in the information technology segments of business, industry, government, and education.

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