Attestation Of Certificates In India – Procedures And How It Can Be Done Easily

What is attestation of Certificates in India and when you need it?

Attestation of Certificates in India is usually sought when people are going for employment abroad and when they are planning to seek employment abroad. The whole process kick-starts when a person is going abroad for employment and his certificates has to be attested or authenticated by the country’s embassy or consulate in India. Before leaving for job, attestation of certificates in India has to be completed and by completing this process he will face no difficulties on reaching the host country for employment. Large populations of Indian are working in GCC countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA), and United Arab Emirates. The certificates are attested in the consulate of these countries in Mumbai or Delhi. Those who are leaving for Europe, Africa, America and Australia also need to pass through similar process.

Normal Attestation Procedures

Type of attestation required can be determined only after understanding the type of document and knowing the destination country. Normally to get embassy attestation it has to get two prior attestations from the Govt of India. The two departments concerned for attestation from Indian government are Human Resource Development Department (HRD) and Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

The certificates has to go through three steps to get attested and they are :-
1) The certificates has to go to the Human Resource Department for attestation
2) Second step is to get attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
3) Final step is to get attestation from the Embassy of the concerned country.

The certificates can be categorized into three divisions :-

1) Educational Certificates

Educational Certificates are that obtained from school and colleges. SSLC/CBSE/10th Standard, PDC/+2/HSC, Degree certificates – BA, BSC, BCOM, BEd, BBA, BE, BTech, CA, MBBS and PG certificates like MA, Msc, Mcom, MBA, MCA and other Diploma, Nursing and ITI certificates.

2) Non-Educational Certificates

Non-Educational Certificates consists of marriage and birth certificates, affidavit, transfer and leaving certificates, medical, death, divorce, experience and provisional certificates.

3) Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents are ones that are submitted along with the above mentioned documents. The type of document and the number of documents and copies required vary from country to country. To mention some of them, they are mark lists, transcripts, registration, selection letter, passport copy, photo etc.

The non-educational certificates have to be attested by the State Home Ministry or Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) before going for MEA and Embassy authentication. Contact with the embassy regarding this for more information as for some embassies there would be certain changes in the rule. For example in the case of UAE and Kuwait attestation non-educational certificates different procedures are practiced.

Things can be made easy for you by seeking the help private agencies and companies who are in industry for some time and who excellent services in this domain. A careful study will lead you to some good names in the domain. Get good references and learn about their offers before giving your valuable certificates to these agencies. There are some good players in this industry who give excellent services and even written guarantee of the certificates given. Some give you facility to track the certificates online.

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