Associate Degree Types

An Associate Degree is a kind of academic degree awarded by bachelor’s degree-granting establishments, community colleges and junior colleges as well. Generally, an associate degree is equal to the first 2 years of bachelor’s degree programs. An associates degree is awarded in the USA and Canada, though this degree is being added to educational degree systems of countries.

There are several general associate’s degree categories.

An associate of Arts degree is generally given for academic programs, which are intended for transference to a 4 year college or university. Usually students working to AA degrees major in the social sciences of humanities, although general studies students can get Associate of Arts degrees too.

An associate of Science degree is awarded to the people looking for entering the workforce or a 4 year university upon their completion of associate’s degree programs.

An associate of Applied Science degree is given to students to relax the general education demands so that while having completed this associate’s degree educational portion they can concentrate more on their field of study. This associate’s degree type is intended for those students seeking to go on their education at a 4 year university or college.

An associate of Business Administration degree is often given to students for finishing academic programs intended or terminal for continuing education at a 4 year college or university, usually with the business related majors.

Lots of people get master’s degrees and associate’s bachelor’s when working by going to evening classes. The practice is prevalent thus numerous degrees are obtained this way than via full-time day studies.

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