After The Diploma – How To Market Yourself With A Psychology Degree

Psychology Degrees are difficult to obtain, no doubt, but getting a better job after that may be even more difficult, if you are not able to protect yourself as a competent one. The most important thing, you need to decide on the career destination is where you need to go? Most of the psychology students wait for getting their Degrees. This would never be a wise move as you should always have an eye on the developments on the Career market.

Psychology as a profession has more chances in areas like Human Services such as Federal, State, Local governments and non-profit organizations, Administration, Community Relations, Public Relations, Teaching, Retail and Sales as well as in Advertising and Market Research.

Well written resumes are work half done. Resumes should look neat and clean and should be content specific rather than including your life history. It should primarily focus on your Diploma in Psychology, other certifications as well as work experience if any. The main thing to be highlighted in a resume is your intentions and aspirations about the psychology profession. By reading your resume, the interviewer should be able to analyze you and your merits. Another important way to market you with the Psychology Degree is to establish a good rapport with your faculty members, friends and other experts in the field who can guide you in your job hunting.

There are many other options in a Psychology career. A Master’s Degree in Psychology can help you administer tests in Psychology. Under the supervision of a Doctoral Level Psychologist, you can even conduct research in laboratories and conduct psychological evaluations, counsel patients or administer duties. Not only this, you can even be a high school counselor or work as school psychologists or as counselors in the field of addiction.

Psychology Degrees make you versatile and dynamic and this is what you need to project on in your resumes and interviews. You must be fully aware that you have the same skills that are required by a Business Executive, Architect, Librarian or Social Worker. There are not many jobs that require skills that psychology majors do not have.

The present economic scenario which is characterized by down turns and recessions only call for more and more psychologists to deliver. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you must be innovative and creative in your psychological approach. You must be able to deliver what you have learned in psychological classes in an appropriate manner.

Using the Internet is another option before you. Having personal profiles on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook can help you project your status as a psychology expert and this would do market you very much. On websites, you can upload your job winning resumes and network them to Health and Science Employers.

For a good psychology profession, be sure to check the local yellow pages, newspapers and online listings for companies in your area and then compile a list of potential employers who offer psychology related jobs. This list also includes K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government offices, mental health clinics or psychotherapy practices.

Thus, the opportunities before you are many. Be systematic and scientific while searching jobs. Mainly, you should focus on your skills, personality and how will you be able to communicate with people to ensure a better performance. Sure, if all these are done, a good and rewarding psychology job will knock at your door step!

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